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Kyle Tully

Hi Peter

I think the lightning got your mic... I'm not getting any audio on this one.


Copywriter, Peter Stone


Thanks for that. I'll shoot it over, today.


Elizabeth Purvis

// "OSAMA!" I thought. //

Okay, that totally made me laugh!

Wanted to swing by and say hello, as I haven't been around much. Had my head down working on this:


I am NOT offering it up for a critique! My ego is still bruised from writing the dang thing; now it's time to let her rest and recover a while. :) But I did want to show it off, as it feels like a milestone. Hope that's okay.

And with that, it's off to watch the next video!

my best,

Copywriter, Peter Stone


I love your site!

Congratulations, for indeed, this is a milestone.

Nice to hear from you.



Hi Pete,

I respect your conviction, great pitch. However,I must inform you that I know what you all have not yet foreseen and you may wish to keep this between us for the moment.
I have the answer to all your trying to accomplish and it Doesn't Consist of GOALS. So forget the word GOAL. The word goal doesn't pertain to anything other than a minimal SCORE. Just ask yourself, Why did you get into this movement? I will ask you do you truly know what is going on?
I have the answers to the questions above.


Simply imagine what does not yet exist (but might be as visioning provides a glimpse of the future).

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