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Kyle Tully

Thanks Peter, I really appreciate these quick crits. I'm not sure how much prep you do for these, but your ability to quickly improve a concept while still keeping the same general idea is solid.

Much appreciated.


Copywriter, Peter Stone


Thank you for saying so.

It's positively surprising to me, how much writers have improved in the past couple of years, so the exercise is a joyful one.


Copywriter, Peter Stone

Mark Pocock said:

Hello Peter

Thanks for critiquing the smoking site.
It's been very helpful.

I've learned alot about my weaknesses,
watching you critiquing 3 of my sales
letters. (but that was the idea behind me
asking you in the first place....)

Have taken on board writing with more

I've edited out the new intro. And reverted to
the original.
Plus raised the skeptical question straight away.
And included 4 strong testimonials before the
...Dear Friend

Once again thanks very much

cheers mark

By all means publish this on your blog.
As I still can't comment there.

Copywriter, Peter Stone


I'm glad you gained something from the critique.

You did the hard part and you did it well.

Thank you, again.


Ross Bowring


Thank you so much for these great critiques.

They are really well done, and I'm learning so much from each one.


Copywriter, Peter Stone


Again I say, it IS my pleasure.

I appreciate your encouraging comment and your tolerance for less than Hollywood quality production values. (-:


Gavin Allinson

Hi Peter

I'm glad I came across your site. You certainly have a great list of commendations, it's like a who's who of copywriting.

I enjoy your website critiques I always pick up one or 2 tips.

Especially those in the sports and health industry as this is an area that I want to concentrate on.

I was thinking of purchasing James Brausch's Glyphius to test my sales pages and headlines. Do you have an expert view on it.



p.s keep the critiques coming

Copywriter :: Peter Stone


Hi and thank you for taking time to comment. (-:

I'm reserving any comment on Glyphius, as I've never had the pleasure of using it.

Perhaps someone who's used it can offer their comments.


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