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Zachary Romero

Absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for the post Peter.

To me, Paul Potts is a sign for us all: The power of the potential talent that so many human beings the world over are sitting on is stunning.

A couple of things to notice:

1. He "DID" something in spite of the fact that he feels a lack of self-confidence. He revealed himself... he put himself out there... and he didn't even know he could shine like that and get such an overwhelming approval from the audience.

2. He felt/thought/envisioned/dreamed/etc. that singing opera is what he's "born to do".

I think the combination of self-actualizing vision... and motion towards the natural progression of that vision is the key to success for Paul... and really anyone else on Earth.

Thanks again Peter for the joy of watching that rose--Paul Potts--bloom.

Zachary Romero

Copywriter, Peter Stone


Thank you for expressing yourself, eloquently.

I, too, think of Paul Potts as 'every man.'

And his willingness to trust inherent wisdom enough to let go and reveal himself.

And I can only agree with your perception regarding self-actualizing vision.

It rendered a transcendent experience for me -- some experience more than the combination of notes.


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